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Elite Power solution in Nagaram ECIL contact P Lakshmi Narayana Call :+91-9666233433 or +91-9182019600

About Us

Elite Power Solution is a full service meeting and transformer manufacturing company that offers our clients a wide breadth of quality transformers and the needs of Electrical & Electronic Industry.

The company has been in business continuously and is established in the year April 2011 with partnership with ISO 9001-2008 Company. Our team of professional has, on average, 20 years of work experience with HAL, BHEL, ECIL, APC, WIPRO, INTELUX, PACE POWER in ISO and UI Insulation Systems (Class B,F & H).

We have a very good infrastructure like latest CNC Machineries, Test equipments, backed up by stringent quality control which specialise to cater the mass produce of Quality Products at competitive prices. We are specialised in Quality of Design and Manufacturing All Kinds of Dry Type Transformermers, 3Phase & Single Phase Transformers & Chokes.